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The AFIP Certification program is the cornerstone of a dealer’s compliance program, giving your employees the tools necessary to operate comfortably within the law and gives your customers proof that your F&I team knows the regulations.

Tailored to Your Industry

The Independent / Buy Here, Pay Here / RV / Motorcycle / Powersports / Marine version of the AFIP Certification program is designed specifically for F&I managers and other personnel working in dealerships selling RVs, motorcycles, boats, and other motorized watercraft.

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Simply login and signup to start the certification process today.  If you are a large group an AFIP Program Manager will help you get started. Whether you’re an individual F&I professional, a general agent or a dealership owner, you can benefit from the safety and security AFIP certification provides.

Over 70,000 Certifications Issued

AFIP certifies thousands of F&I professionals every year, including manufacturer representatives, captive lenders, insurance providers, agents, and dealership employees. Our certification curriculum is delivered via up-to-date, online, on interactive multimedia technology. We also offer self-study, onsite and virtual boot camps.

AFIP Certification

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What's Inside?

Get a look inside of what our Franchise Dealership course covers & what’s included in your industry certification.

Why Get Certified

See how AFIP Certification protect you & employees. Providing a better experience for you & your customer.

The AFIP certification program provides comprehensive dealership compliance training for financial services personnel with a working knowledge of the state and federal regulations that govern vehicle purchases. Many lenders, vendors and agents who service F&I operations have their field representatives AFIP-certified to support dealership compliance efforts.

We offer tailored F&I compliance certification for the following industries:

Founded in 1989, the Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals (AFIP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association offering the AFIP Certified F&I Professional Program for individuals who arrange in-store funding and offer owner protection products for vehicle and motorized conveyances. Our certification program institutes a recognized level of competency with the state and federal regulations and enforces our established Code of Ethics.

Industry Partners

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Certification Candidates

AFIP Certification

AFIP Certification gives working and prospective F&I professionals the power to sell their products with confidence and authority. Our certification course provides a working knowledge of the state and federal laws associated with the F&I profession. Certification shows customers they’re dealing with a professional with superior qualifications. AFIP Certification is the MBA of the F&I profession!.

F&I Professionals

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For dealerships, AFIP Certification gives your employees the tools necessary to operate comfortably within the law and to meet higher performance thresholds. AFIP Certification can also be used as proof that the employee was aware of the law and agreed in writing to act ethically in the event of disputes or problems.

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The AFIP Certification Program is beneficial for F&I professionals, for dealerships, for General Agents and for consumers. From providing a better understanding of federal and state laws to inspiring a sense of confidence and professionalism in your dealings, AFIP Certification has benefits for every part of the F&I industry.

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General Agents

AFIP created the Association of Independent General Agents in 2006 to give GAs the opportunity to speak with a single voice and to reap the benefits of a unified lobby and service provider. AIGA operates in conjunction with AFIP to further the goals of its GA members and the industry at large.

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The services AFIP provides its constituents assist and protect consumers. AFIP Certified F&I Professionals have given the time and energy necessary to understand the laws regarding the sale and finance of vehicles. They have made a pledge to abide ethically in all dealings with all customers and they work with AFIP to help you resolve any contract errors or disputes with no legal hassles.

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