Packing payments? …it’s still illegal

In deference to one of my oldest friends in the car business, Jim Ziegler, payment packing is illegal. And not just in California, where it’s prohibited by statute. The practice qualifies as an “unfair or deceptive act or practice” at the state level and an “unfair,...

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Robertson Nominates Pat Ryan for Automotive Hall of Fame

Five years ago, AFIP executive director Dave Robertson set a goal of having Pat Ryan inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. Earlier this year, a post-NADA convention Automotive News article on Robertson’s quest prompted an invitation from the Hall for...

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Pepe Auto Group Receives Culture of Compliance Award

White Plains, New York – August 29, 2018 – The Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals (AFIP) announced that Pepe Auto Group is the first New York state recipient of its new Culture of Compliance award. The award recognizes Pepe Auto Group’s...

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Scam FTC emails carry malware!

DEALER ALERT! Scam FTC emails carry malware! Nefarious hackers never miss a beat. They seized on the FTC’s recent emphasis on establishing a formal mechanism for addressing customer complaints as a way to get past small business cybersecurity measures. The...

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Changes to Credit Security Tools Impact F&I Process

A recent amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act implements changes to the Initial Fraud Alert, extending its duration from 90 days to 1 year. Also, consumers now have the ability to freeze their credit at no cost. The changes were initiated by the new...

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The Seven Deadly Sins of F&I

Current economic conditions and today’s litigious environment make paying close attention to regulatory compliance and best practices a must for dealers across the U.S. The following errors and bad practices are the seven most common reasons...

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Notice to those completing the AFIP Certification Course

AFIP Certification On-line Training Now on LightSpeed AFIP is proud to announce our partnership with LightSpeed, a nationally recognized interactive virtual training system provider. LightSpeed now hosts the AFIP Certification Online Training...

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Suspicious Activity Box Procedures

Please note the following as it relates to the IRS 8300 procedures if the Suspicious Activity Box is checked – the form is being filed voluntarily. (The dollar amount received in cash and / or by a qualifying instrument(s) does not exceed...

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The Best Gets Even Better June 1

By Dave Robertson  If there is a maddening aspect to regulation education, it’s the need to keep our curriculum current with a never-ending flow of newly promulgated or updated regulations. We keep pace with relative changes by adding...

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