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AFIP Certification…the Dealer’s First Line of Defense!

The F&I department is the single largest source of:

  • costly fines for violation of the law
  • time-consuming and expensive legal entanglements
  • devastating media scrutiny

Before that critical regulatory inspection, opportunistic lawyer or hidden camera exposé eats into your profits and ruins your good name, partner with AFIP to certify your financial services personnel. AFIP also offers a host of regulatory compliance solutions.

(Other than the cost of certification, there are no one-time or annual fees.)

Dealership Partner Benefits

Maintaining a fully AFIP Certified F&I staff will show customers, regulatory agencies, your employees, lenders and vendors that you’re committed to compliance and ethical behavior, and can be used to show the media and courts your commitment if one of your employees does make an error. AFIP Certified F&I Professionals are industry leaders. They have the tools and education necessary to sell aftermarket products and find financing options for almost every interested buyer within the confines of the law.

  • AFIP Certified F&I Professionals know the law and sign a Code of Ethics agreeing to hold themselves personally accountable for their actions.
  • Not only will your F&I managers be less likely to get you sued, but because of their familiarity with the law, they can make deals that benefit the dealership and the customer – and avoid sending customers to your competitors.
  • Even the most detail-oriented, ethical workers make mistakes. If something does go wrong, regulators and the courts often look favorably upon those who’ve taken the steps necessary to ensure that this is simply a mistake and not the way you normally do business.
  • Educated professionals are more confident, and confidence can translate into increased sales without the risks associated with the “creative” solicitation techniques employed by those who must rely on instinct alone to make sales.
  • In addition to their F&I manager’s individual AFIP Certification benefits, dealers with fully certified F&I staffs can display the “Fully Certified Financial Services Staff” window decals to let customers know they’ve chosen a top-quality dealership.

How to Become an AFIP Dealer Partner

To be considered an AFIP Dealer Partner, you must certify your entire financial services staff and any other personnel you believe may benefit from a better understanding of the legal and ethical aspects of F&I. Other than the cost of certification (and any additional training you wish to employ), you will not be charged to become a Dealer Partner.

Become an AFIP Dealer Partner now! Contact one of the AFIP Industry Members already servicing your dealership or AFIP now!