The AFIP F&I certification program provides comprehensive dealership compliance training for financial services personnel with a working knowledge of the state and federal regulations that govern vehicle purchases. Many lenders, vendors and agents who service F&I operations have their field representatives AFIP-certified to support dealership compliance efforts. AFIP certification is the cornerstone to the dealer’s compliance program.

The AFIP curriculum is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the regulations and best practices that will make you successful. Our curriculum is delivered via up-to-date, online, interactive, multimedia technology. Online training makes it easy to access information and progress through the material at a pace that’s right for you.

Designed and delivered by university professors, industry veterans with 40+ years of experience, and DOJ-certified facilitators, AFIP’s curriculum provides current and accurate information from professionals working daily with F&I issues in automotive dealerships.

All AFIP certification programs include:

  • Detailed lesson plans to walk you through each section
  • Lecture videos hosted by a former Northwood University professor and 20-year AFIP partner (and AFIP Accredited Facilitator)
  • Downloadable audio files of the lecture series for portable study
  • Required reading documents to supplement the course text
  • Practice quizzes to gauge your progress
  • Live study sessions and reviews conducted via conference call
  • Optional two-day certification boot camps at locations around the U.S. to facilitate the certification process
  • Carlaw F&I Legal Desk Book (by the dealership lawyers at Hudson Cook)
  • 4 Easy Steps to AFIP Certification Guide

In addition to F&I compliance training, AFIP Certification also requires adherence to the AFIP Code of Ethics. AFIP has certified more than 50,000 people over the last 27 years – with a nearly perfect record of compliance with our stringent ethical code.

Despite the amount of information covered in our F&I compliance training, there is a 98% pass rate for professionals attempting certification. AFIP works with students until they master the material. We provide Spanish-language exams, tutoring, accommodations for disabilities and the opportunity to retest when needed.

About Our F&I Certification Curriculum

AFIP’s multi-tiered F&I certification ladder offers financial services professionals and managers a distinct career path. Certified F&I Professionals must recertify every other year at increasingly difficult levels to maintain their certification and individual membership in AFIP. This continuing training requirement keeps AFIP-certified professionals up-to-date on new and revised laws.

Basic Certification

Everyone starts with the Basic Course. It provides comprehensive F&I certification and compliance training – everything you need to know to comply with the law. In addition to federal and state regulations, it addresses best practices and industry-specific ethical considerations. The Basic Course is also part of the dealership compliance curriculum at Northwood University.

Basic Exam

The 200-question Basic Exam consists of three modules – 150 federal law questions, 25 ethics questions and 25 state law questions. A score of 80% on each module is required to earn certification.

Candidates certified at the Basic level receive a diploma, business card logo and the right to use the professional credential CPFS (Certified Professional in Financial Services) after their name.

Senior Certification

The Senior Course updates candidates on new and revised laws and further develops their knowledge of F&I compliance.

Senior Exam

The Senior Exam has 150 federal law questions and 25 state law questions. A score of 80% or higher on each module is required to pass. Senior candidates are also required to complete the Senior Applied Ethics Module in the exam booklet, but it isn’t scored. In the module, Seniors develop, and sign adherence to, a personal code of ethical conduct – in addition to signing the AFIP Code of Ethics.

As part of their F&I certification, Senior Certified professionals receive a new diploma and business card logo. Their status is recognized with the professional credential SPFS (Senior Professional in Financial Services).

Executive Senior Certification

The Executive Senior Course addresses regulatory updates and builds on the candidate’s mastery of F&I compliance. If you choose this option, you will recertify at the Executive Senior level every two years.

Executive Senior Exam

The Executive Senior Exam has 150 federal law questions. As part of their F&I certification, Executive Seniors receive a new diploma, business card logo and designation as an EPFS (Executive Senior Professional in Financial Services).

Master Tier Exams

The Master levels take a 75-question multiple-choice, case-based exam that assesses the candidate’s knowledge of, and ability to apply, the finer points of the more complex regulations. Many questions present real-world situations in which the candidate must apply his or her regulatory knowledge to select the correct response. Answering correctly requires a full mastery of the material.

The exam questions become more nuanced and challenging with each level. As they advance in their F&I certification, Master candidates will receive a new special diploma, business card logo and the corresponding professional designation.

Study resources, exam specifics and professional designations for each level are listed below.

Master Level

  • Study Resources: CARLAW® F&I Legal Desk Book, AFIP REP online training and live final exam review
  • Exam: 75-question proctored paper(?) exam covering federal regulations only
  • Professional Designation: Master Certified Professional in Financial Services (MPFS)

Executive Master Level

  • Study Resources: Online tutorial with overview of new and updated state and federal regulations will be available the 4th quarter 2016 and live final exam review can be scheduled?
  • Exam: 75-question online exam covering state and federal regulations
  • Professional Designation: Executive Master Professional in Financial Services (EMPFS)
Master Certification Course & Recurrent Training

The Master Certification Course is the third and final tier of the AFIP Certification Program. Candidates will update and expand their knowledge of the federal and state regulations by proving they not only understand some of the most commonly misunderstood or misapplied regulations, but showing they understand how these laws apply in real-world scenarios.

After they pass the Master Course, candidates will be required to complete recurrent training every other year. While you will take the initial exam during cycle one at a PSI testing center, the second and third cycles (recurrent training) will involve un-proctored refresher quizzes on the second and fourth anniversaries of your initial Master Certification. The year after the third cycle, you’ll go back to cycle one. To maintain F&I certification and membership, you’ll continue with this cycle until you retire.

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AFIP Industry-Specific F&I Training Courses

We offer tailored F&I certification for the following industries: