F&I managers and the lenders and vendors who service F&I departments make a valuable contribution to both the dealer’s bottom line and the customer’s car-buying experience. But the F&I department is often the source of devastating lawsuits, hefty fines and reputation-ruining media scrutiny.

AFIP Certified F&I Professionals are industry leaders. They have the tools and education necessary to sell aftermarket products and find financing options for almost every interested buyer within the confines of the law.

Benefits of AFIP Membership

One of the most important indicators of quality service and commitment is membership in a professional association. The AFIP diploma on your wall and logo on your business card shows your customers you have the education necessary to help them get the vehicle they need at a price they can afford. Lenders trust AFIP Certified F&I Professionals because they have the skills to make deals that benefit the customer, the dealer and the lender who buys the deal.

Your commitment to the superior knowledge that can be gained from AFIP Certification and the AFIP Code of Ethics increases your esteem in the eyes of customers, lenders, vendors, employers and co-workers.

Customized Certification

Choose from the following AFIP Certification programs of study:

AFIP Certified F&I Professionals will receive recognition materials to show their colleagues and customers they’re knowledgeable, skilled and capable professionals in their field.

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