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AFIP Certification

What is the AFIP Certification Program?

The AFIP Certification Program is a college-level continuing education program for F&I professionals. Our certification program is intended to educate professionals in the in-dealership financial services industry about relevant federal and state regulations. AFIP Certification also includes information on an industry-derived code of ethics. For more information, see the AFIP Certification Program section of this site.

Why should I become certified?

One of the most important indicators of quality service and commitment is membership in a professional association. The AFIP diploma on your wall and logo on your business card shows your customers you have the education necessary to help them get the vehicle they need at a price they can afford. Lenders trust AFIP Certified F&I Professionals because they have the skills to make deals that benefit the customer, the dealer and the lender. Additionally, AFIP Certified F&I Professionals are held to a higher degree of integrity through signing and committing to the AFIP Code of Ethics.

How much does it cost to become certified?

Each course costs $915 plus shipping, handling and applicable taxes.

Does my AFIP Certification ever expire?

Yes. The Basic and Senior Certification levels expire after 2 years.

What happens when my certification expires?

To reinforce the integrity of the AFIP Certification, you must keep your certification current. Lack of renewal will require ceasing use of the AFIP Certified F&I professional logo and removal of your name from the Worldwide Roster. You may not represent yourself as an AFIP Certified professional without the proper testing.

If you allow your certification to lapse, you may order your materials and test at the level for which you would have qualified had you not lapsed.

How do I order?

The best way to order an AFIP Certification course is online. Online orders allow for more accuracy, timely shipping, and tracking mechanisms.
If you cannot submit orders online, you can provide the information requested in the online order form and email it to or fax it to 817.428.2534. AFIP is not responsible for delayed orders due to late submission or incomplete information.
Orders must be received by 12 pm CST to be shipped same day. Expedited orders are subject to product availability and time of submission and are not guaranteed. You will be charged for shipping and may select any shipping method you so choose.

Is it important to have a name associated with every course I order?

If you provided an email address when you ordered, you should receive a FedEx tracking notification. To track your package, go to and enter the tracking number.
If you are unable to locate your package, please email AFIP at

Do I have to take the state law portion of the test?

Most candidates will be required to take the state law section of the exam. The only two exceptions are Northwood University students and lender and vendor field representatives who service more than one state.

Are there annual dues?

There are no annual dues for individual members at this time. To become an individual member, you must only become AFIP Certified, maintain your certification as required by our continuing education program, and remain in good standing with AFIP (commit no job-related crimes or do anything that may violate the AFIP Code of Ethics).

How do I get my free one-year subscription to F&I Showroom?

Go to to subscribe. You do not require a special code to receive your free subscription.

I’m not listed in the Roster of AFIP Certified F&I Professionals.

There are several possible reasons for this.

(1) Your certification has expired. Basic Certification lasts for two years and Senior lasts for three. If your certification is older than that, you’ve been removed. To get your name back on the roster, you must take the next level of AFIP Certification Course.

(2) It’s too early. It takes about a month to get your name added. In the interim, you may obtain email proof from AFIP or have those seeking to verify your certification status contact AFIP.

(3) Computer error – if neither of the aforementioned apply to you, please contact AFIP.

My roster listing is wrong.

If the information listed in our Roster listing is incorrect, please contact AFIP.

How do I get my AFIP Certified F&I Professional logo?

Email AFIP at to request your logo. We’ll need your name (as it appears on your diploma), your telephone number and email address, the (approximate) date of your certification and any other information you can provide. We’ll double-check your certification status and if you’re current, we’ll email you the logo. Please note that you may use the logo only in conjunction with your name and share it only with professionals who will apply the logo on your behalf as needed. Sharing it with another individual for the purpose of allowing them to use it for themselves, even if they are AFIP Certified, is not allowed.

I purchased a course for an employee who no longer works here. What can I do?

If you paid for the materials and plan to replace that employee, you may transfer the materials to a new candidate. AFIP will require that individual’s name to avoid any billing errors as we audit incoming tests. If you don’t yet know the name of the new candidate, we can make note on the account and you can provide that information at a later date.

If you’ve already given the previous employee the study materials, you must retrieve those materials. If the former employee cannot or will not return the materials, you will be required to purchase new materials at the replacement rate of $300 (plus shipping and handling and any applicable taxes).

If the former employee tests prior to AFIP being notified of the staff change, regardless of whether it was before or after his/her last day of employment, you will need to purchase a new course material for any new employees.

Does AFIP offer a pre-exam review?

Yes. Reviews are held regularly. See the review calendar on this website or call AFIP.

How do I schedule a pre-exam review?

To schedule a pre-exam review, select a date from the choices available on the Event Calendar to sign up. You must be on the official review list to obtain attendance information.


The amount on my invoice is wrong. What do I do?

This is typically caused by incomplete orders, a failure to pay your annual Industry Member dues, or shipping needs.
In all instances, the correction can be made easily. Call 817.428.2434 x 947 for assistance.


How long will it take to receive my order?

It takes between five and seven business days from the date of the order. Orders must be received by 12 PM Central to be considered received that day. Expedited orders are subject to product availability and time of submission and are not guaranteed. You will be charged for shipping and may select any shipping method you so choose.

Industry Member

How does my company become an Industry Member?

Joining AFIP as an Industry Member can be done in 2 ways.
(1) Send a check for $3,500 (national corporations) or $1,750 (general agencies or regional corporations) to:
ATTN: Industry Member Dues
PO Box 1933
Colleyville, Texas 76034-1933
(2) Contact AFIP at 817.428.2434 to pay by credit card.

What are the benefits of AFIP Industry Membership?

Joining AFIP as an industry member has a number of benefits, including:

  • Discounts on the AFIP Certification Course
  • Discounts on the popular DealerAide Compliance Kit
  • Access to free or reduced-price education and compliance tools
  • AFIP advocacy and dispute resolution assistance*
  • AFIP marketing supplies and PR assistance*
  • AFIP Industry Member logos for business cards and marketing materials
  • Listing on AFIP Industry Member Roster
  • AFIP-solicited legal opinions from top industry lawyers*

* In its mission to support the F&I industry, AFIP provides as many free or low-cost solutions as possible, but in certain circumstances fees may apply.

How much does Industry Membership cost?

Industry Memberships for National Corporations cost $3,500. Industry Memberships for General Agencies or Regional Corporations cost $1,750. Please note these prices are subject to change at any time for any reason without notification.

Pro Shop

What do I do if FedEx delivers damaged goods from AFIP?

Optimally, you should refuse delivery. This will automatically cause FedEx to send the materials back to AFIP. To expedite replacement, call AFIP at 817.428.2434
If you didn’t realize the item(s) were damaged until you opened your package, contact AFIP within 15 days. We will arrange for FedEx to retrieve the package and send it back to AFIP and begin the process of replacing your materials. (You may wish to keep any materials that are not damaged and only replace items that are, but please do not sort through a box with broken glass in it. AFIP is not responsible for injuries.)

My name is misspelled on my diploma.

Contact AFIP to arrange for a replacement.

I’ve changed my name. How do I get a new diploma?

Contact AFIP to arrange for a replacement. We will send you a replacement diploma to put into your existing frame. You will be charged for the cost of the diploma plus shipping and handling (and tax in the state of Texas).

What is AFIP’s return/refund policy?

If you need to return material purchased from AFIP for any reason, you must do so within 30 days of the date of shipment (see Disclaimers for Refund upon Return below). To qualify for a refund (minus shipping and handling), please ship all materials in their original condition to:
AFIP ATTN: Returned Materials
4104 Felps Dr. Ste H
Colleyville, TX 76034

Most products purchased from the AFIP F&I Proshop are eligible for refund within 60 days of the purchase date. Refunds will be initiated upon receipt of the returned item and processing may take up to 3 weeks. Shipping and return shipping fees are not refundable.

Full refunds are available for the certification courses unless the candidate has accessed Candidates who have accessed may obtain a partial refund of the course fee.

My course materials have been lost or stolen. Can I replace them?

Yes. You will be charged the replacement costs of $300.00 plus shipping and handling (and state of Texas tax).

My course materials are outdated. Can I replace them?

Yes. You will be charged the replacement costs of $300.00 plus shipping and handling (and state of Texas tax).

How long does it take to receive my recognition materials?

It takes about six to eight weeks from the date you receive your scores. If you require proof of certification prior to that, please contact AFIP to receive an email affirmation or have those seeking to confirm your certification status contact AFIP.


Is there a time limit during the exam?

Once your test begins, you have 3 hours to take the test. If you require additional time due to a learning disability or language barrier, please contact AFIP.

When will I receive my scores?

When you test at PSI, you receive your scores immediately after you take the exam before you leave the testing center. Your scores are located on the confirmation page the PSI personnel will provide you.

I failed one or more portions of the exam. What now?

You must retake the portion(s) of the exam you failed at your own expense. Registration is required and can be done at

If I fail, is there a waiting period before I can retake the exam?

No. If you feel you are ready you may proceed with the retest. Registration is required and can be done at

Once I order, how long do I have to test?

You should test within four months. After four months, you may be required to pay additional funds to continue with your testing due to changes in the program or course materials.


I have a question about the study materials.

Contact your mentor or AFIP.

What will I need to study for the test?

When you order, you’ll receive all the study materials you need. In general, you’ll be studying federal and state laws relating to the in-dealership financial services and an industry-derived ethics section. You’ll receive The F&I Legal Desk Book (your course textbook) by the dealership lawyers at Hudson Cook, a spiral-bound syllabus and study guide, and a multi-media set with CDs and DVDs to aid in your study.

How do I study?

How you study for the exam will depend on whether you are taking the course through an AFIP-approved training provider or on your own via a self-study regimen.

  • Training Provider

AFIP-approved training partners often have their own methods of preparing candidates for the exam, which may include classroom instruction and regular formal reviews of the material. You should contact your training provider (the company from which you ordered the materials) for more information about how the course will be structured. Your training provider will supply the mentor responsible for guiding you through the certification process.

  • Self-Study Regimen

The course text is designed for self-study. When you receive your materials, you should allow 40 hours over six to eight weeks to prepare for the exam.

Start with the course syllabus. Read the introductory material in the syllabus for more information on how to use it. The following is a brief overview. For each section, read the chapter outline called “What Do I Need to Know About this Section?” This will prepare you for what is to come. Then, read the portion of the course text that goes with that section and the required reading on your “Required Supplemental Reading” CD (listed at the beginning of each section). Listen to or view the portion of the audio or video lecture series that goes with that chapter. When you feel comfortable with the material, go back to the syllabus to take the section quiz.

You should receive a pre-test review, either from your mentor or from AFIP.  After your review, you should be prepared to pass the test.  If you have any questions, your mentor or AFIP will provide assistance.

  • AFIP Certification Boot Camps

This fast-track method to certification, available for Basic, Senior, and Master candidates, allows you to complete the process – including the exam – in 2 days. Three weeks of self-study in preparation for the Boot Camp is recommended. Check the calendar for upcoming events or call 817.428.2434 to schedule a Boot Camp.

How do I access the state laws I need to study?

Go to Use the username and access code you received with the  “6 Easy Steps” booklet in your study materials. Your access to the state laws on that website is provided as part of the cost of your certification by Carlaw ( and is maintained by the dealership lawyers at Hudson Cook. It is accessible for eight months from the date you first log in. If you’d like access after that eight month period, please call AFIP at 817.428.2434.


I no longer work for my former employer, but have finished studying and would still like to test.

If you paid for the materials, you may continue through the process as outlined in the “6 Easy Steps” booklet received with your course materials. If your former employer paid for the materials on your behalf, they have the right to transfer the materials to another employee, regardless of whether you’re prepared to test. If they are unwilling to let you take the test under the course they purchased for you, you must return the materials to your employer and pay for your certification (you’ll receive another set of materials with your payment). At that time, you may continue through the certification process normally.

I ordered and paid for the material, but never tested. Can I use the material I have and test now?

Check with AFIP first to ensure your materials are still the most current versions available. If they aren’t, you must order replacement materials for $275.00.

Where do I take the test?

Testing is available at PSI (formerly LaserGrade) testing centers across the nation. Call 800.211.2754 to determine the most convenient facility for you.

How do I register to take the test?

Go to and fill out the registration form.