The people walking into your showroom today are the most informed, consumer rights-conscious car buyers in the history of our industry – in an era of increased federal oversight. The AFIP-Administered Sales Professional Consumer Regulation Certificate will help ensure that your sales staff doesn’t run afoul of the law, but more importantly, that they fully capitalize on this new class of buyers.

Sales Professional Certification Questions & Answers

Q: Who Should Pursue the Sales Professional Consumer Regulation Certificate?
A: The existing sales staff and new hires – once it’s clear they’ll be productive producers.

Q: Is special pricing available?
A: There’s a one-time cost of $75.00 per sales professional. Paying for the program has never been easier!

Q: How is the Training Completed?
A: The sales person creates an individual account and completes the training online at times and locations convenient to them.

Q: How can I be sure the training content is correct?
A: The certificate program has been reviewed by Hudson Cook, LLP – AFIP’s primary legal resource. An e-copy of the CARLAW® F&I Legal Desk Book, which is referenced in the certificate training, is available to each participating sales professional.

Q: How will I know if the sales person put in the work and mastered the material?
A: Each participant is required to complete a comprehensive online exam with a passing threshold of 70% or higher. Candidates will have two opportunities to successfully complete the exam. The online activity, including test scores, is reported back to the dealer if requested.

Q: How will my customers know they are dealing with a consumer-regulation savvy sales person?
A: AFIP provides sales professionals who have passed the exam with a frameable certificate.

Q: The laws keep changing – will I be protected in the future?
A: Federal regulation changes impacting the vehicle sale process will be sent to each certificate holder’s email address with proof of delivery required. The need to re-qualify at a future date has not been determined.