Congratulations on this important step to NPI compliance.

Please follow these ‘getting started’ steps to initiate your DealerAide NPI program.
If you are new to the DealerAide Program, call AFIP at (817) 428-2434 to schedule a Compliance Officer orientation.

For your convenience, we have prepared three Getting Started Videos. Kindly view these three videos before continuing:

Program Disclaimer

Presentation Introduction

Unboxing and Training


Conduct a Risk Assessment

Read the entire Quick-Start Guide that came with your NPI Compliance Binder before attempting to conduct a risk assessment. The guide contains a general overview of the NPI Compliance Program that you must understand before conducting a risk assessment. Print the Risk Assessment Worksheet below and use it to document the path of NPI through your dealership. The completed worksheet will be a valuable resource when you assign program duties to dealership personnel.


Required Viewing and Reading – Computer Security Video and Rule Implementation Handbooks

Before you begin creating your NPI Compliance Program, the Corporate Compliance Officer must view the Computer Security Video and read the Safeguards Rule Implementation Handbook and the Red Flags Rule Implementation Handbook listed below. Failure to view the video and read the handbooks could compromise the integrity of the final program and result in regulatory non-compliance.


Create your DealerAide NPI Compliance Program

Using the completed Risk Assessment Worksheet, identify the workers who will have ISP and ITPP duties in the hierarchy explained in the handbooks and submit the requested information using the Online Forms. We will create the customized portions of your ISP and ITPP (policies and job description affirmation forms) using this information and then email them to you.

NOTE: Do not include General Employees in the Safeguards Rule submissions. Instead, use the General Worker Job Description Affirmation Form in the Program Management Resources Section below. It has been easier in practice to bring several blank forms to the General Worker orientation and have them print their information on the form.


Review and Approve your DealerAide NPI Compliance Program

When you receive the customized portions of your ISP and ITPP, carefully review and finalize them to tailor them for your specific organization and structure. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that your attorney review your completed DealerAide NPI Compliance Program and confirm in writing that it satisfies the requisites of the Safeguards Rule, the Red Flags Rule, and the Disposal Rule. Secure board approval of the program after completing any changes recommended by your attorney.


Train and Educate Workers

Employees identified to participate in the ISP and ITPP will require an orientation. Prior to orientation, employees should be given copies of the job description affirmation forms for their appointed positions and informed of their specific duties. After orientation, executed originals should be collected and kept in personnel files. A copy of the executed forms should be kept in the NPI Compliance Binder and another copy should be given to the workers.


Manage and Update your DealerAide NPI Compliance Program

Maintain and update your program with forms and tools in the Program Management Resources section below which should also be printed and placed in your NPI Compliance Program Binder.

Download DealerAide Forms

DealerAide Videos