In certain applications classroom instruction yields better results than online training

If a working knowledge of the laws and working with the laws are fundamentally different, then the most effective means by which we teach about the laws, versus teaching how to apply them, is different as well. As it relates to working with the laws, it is left to the dealer’s discretion to select the aftermarket training provider and instructional method that best meets his needs. The rules are the same for everyone; product knowledge and conversion techniques are both vendor and dealer specific. Because the consumer regulations governing every facet of the vehicles sales and funding processes are many in number, at times intricate, and often not easily understood, the most effective means for conveying this information is in a classroom setting under the direction of an instructor with actual dealership experience. The AFIP certification curriculum is supported by a lawyer-authored textbook and online videotaped lectures, required readings, and topic specific tutorials provided by Reynolds & Reynolds and others. However, the key to an acceptable acuity level is the means by which these teaching aids and instruction are delivered. Empirical studies affirm that AFIP’s blended approach—live instruction supported by access to online course content—is more effective than the singular use of either method. It is a proven process that has enabled 53,000 rule savvy F&I practitioners and corporate field support personal to provide a regulatory compliant and ethical car-buying experience to hundreds of thousands of consumers over the past 25 years. Knowledge of the laws, affirmed by recurrent instruction and proctored, documented proof of an understanding as to how the rules are to be equitably applied, backed by a signed personal accountability Code of Ethics, is the dealer’s first line of defense in a worst-case F&I scenario. More importantly, knowledge of the rules coupled with personal accountability means that worst case F&I scenarios occur very, very rarely. The AFIP Certified F&I Professional and AFIP Certified Sales Professional designations can be attained regardless of academic background or car business experience. Anyone willing to give it their best effort will become one of the 98% of those who have legitimately passed the test.

There is no discovery as rich and rewarding as self-discovery. Especially so when you can better serve your customers, and it helps you meet your long-term professional, family and financial goals.

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AFIP is a nonprofit professional association whose mission is to certify in-dealership, lender, and aftermarket vendor personnel to an 80% competency as it relates to the applicable state and federal regulations governing the F&I and vehicle sales processes.