AFIP Certification Training Now on LightSpeed

AFIP is proud to announce our partnership with LightSpeed, a nationally recognized interactive virtual training system provider. LightSpeed now hosts the AFIP Certification Online Training Program, referred to as the AFIP Regulation Education Platform (AFIP REP).

To create a new account on the AFIP Regulation Education Platform, click here.

If you have questions, please contact an AFIP Program Manager at 817-428-2434 or by email at info@afip.com.

If you are a trainer and use the AFIP Certification Online Course Material for your training needs, please call AFIP at 817-428-2434.

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AFIP Certification – The gold standard for F&I compliance education

The AFIP certification program provides comprehensive dealership compliance training for financial services personnel with a working knowledge of the state and federal regulations that govern vehicle purchases. Many lenders, vendors and agents who service F&I operations have their field representatives AFIP-certified to support dealership compliance efforts.

In addition to F&I compliance training, AFIP Certification also requires adherence to the AFIP Code of Ethics. AFIP has certified more than 50,000 people over the last 27 years – with a nearly perfect record of compliance with our stringent ethical code.

Industry-specific F&I training

AFIP offers tailored F&I compliance certification for the following industries:

Franchised (new vehicle) dealerships

Independent (used vehicle) dealerships

Recreational vehicle, motorcycle, marine and powersports dealerships

You select your industry when you order your AFIP certification course.

Learn more about the Benefits that come with the AFIP Certification.

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