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AFIP CERTIFICATION Your customers need it. You can champion it. AFIP can deliver it. Key Dealer Benefit Dealers key benefit is the near absence of issues related to sales and FI. You are offering your store the best chance at success by placing sales and financial service managers with a working knowledge of the state and federal consumer regulations in direct contact with the consumers who shop at your store. Standards to Ensure a Positive End Result AFIP is a nonprofit corporation that facilitates consumer regulation education programs for sales and FI managers and sales personnel. We also provide material that helps dealers satisfy the requisites of the Red Flags and Safeguards Rules. Scores of 80 or higher is required on all 3 modules of a 200-question final exam administered by an AFIP representative or a professional proctor. Recertification is required on two-year cycles to inform your staff of new laws and maintain their knowledge of the existing regulations. Certified personnel must sign a Code of Ethics holding themselves accountable for what they tell your customers. Violators of the code have their certification revoked.